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Révolutionnez votre plaisir : le secret des orgasmes multiples révélé

14 mai 2024,

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Find out how to extend the pleasure with a simple press of the Jen-Mo button! This secret, which comes from the Taoist tradition, offers people with penises the ability to experience multiple orgasms. The method involves exerting gentle pressure on this specific point, which makes it possible to reach orgasm without ejaculation, a phenomenon also known as injaculation. This paves the way for several successive orgasms. We will guide you to locate precisely this mysterious point.

Location of the Jen-Mo point

  1. Digital pressure technique: As shown in the image, the Jen-Mo point is located between the testicles and the anus. This is where you should feel a small cavity. During foreplay, try to find this hollow on you or your partner by applying light pressure with a finger. This makes it possible to locate the point well before it is used during the sexual act.
  2. Muscle contraction technique: In addition to finger pressure, controlling ejaculation can also be made easier by strengthening your pelvic floor. It is said that the contraction of this muscle helps to control the contractions of the prostate. Check out our article dedicated to orgasm for people with penises for practical tips on how to effectively strengthen your pelvic floor.

Mastering multiple orgasms through injaculation

Press the Jen-Mo point firmly as soon as you feel that your partner is close to orgasm or when he/she tells you to press. This pressure causes injaculation, which occurs at the time of orgasm. By maintaining this pressure, the ejaculatory duct of the prostate, located just in front of the urethra, is constricted. As a result, the sperm is reabsorbed by the prostate instead of being ejected.

Simply put, this translates to an orgasm without ejaculation and without erection loss. This allows a person with a penis to continue having sex and reach orgasm as often as they desire.

Massage du point Jen-Mo

Use warm massage oil, preferably. The oil makes the skin and tissues more supple and relaxed, making it easier to locate the Jen-Mo stitch. Another advantage is that you can also use the oil for oral sex. Since it’s edible, it’ll add a little extra to your lovemaking.


Make the most of the massage with oils

An enhanced sensual experience: By precisely massaging the Jen-Mo point with a warm massage oil, you will create a sensual experience that not only relaxes but also increases the intensity of sensations. This practice can transform a simple massage into an erotic exploration full of discoveries and renewed pleasures.

Using oils specifically designed for erotica can also enrich the experience. These oils, often enriched with stimulating aromas and flavors, are ideal for couples looking to add a gourmet dimension to their intimate moments.

Indulgent and sensual double use: The massage oil you choose can be applied during foreplay for a relaxing and erotic massage, but also during oral sex, adding a delicious touch to your love games. Be sure to choose an edible oil to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.

Conclusion: Prolonged exploration and enjoyment

Thanks to the Jen-Mo technique, you are now equipped to prolong the pleasure and explore new dimensions of intimacy. Whether through a sensual massage or during more intense interactions, every moment can be transformed into an opportunity for mutual discovery and prolonged satisfaction.

Discover Together: We encourage couples to explore these techniques together, not only to increase their pleasure but also to strengthen their emotional and physical connection. Each shared experience is an opportunity to get closer and better understand each other.

Don’t forget to check our site regularly for more tips, techniques, and inspiration to enrich your sex life. With the right tools and information, every experience can become exceptional.

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